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Order In The House, Inc.

Arlington Heights

Lynn Gooding of Order In The House is a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization and an ADD specialist who assists clients with their unique organizing issues.

Web Site:  www.orderinthehouse.net
E-Mail: orderinthehouse@wowway.com
Phone: 847-372-9403


Jen Hadraba


Jen Hadraba is a NAPO member and Chicago NAPO chapter member.  She specializes in residential organizing and is experience with clients with ADD, CD, and OCD. Her greatest passion resides in working with seniors, whether relocating or staying in place.

Web Site: 
E-Mail: jenhadraba@hotmail.com
Phone: 708-420-0235


Koll Organizing


Kelly Brask of Koll Organizing is a residential organizer in Chicago. Home office, kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom, storage area, family binder... Wherever your home just isn't working for you, she can help!

Web Site:  www.kollorganizing.com 
E-Mail:  kelly@kollorganizing.com
Phone: 773-245-6552


From Piles to Smiles®

Downers Grove

Sue Becker of From Piles to Smiles® helps people create substantial change by organizing their homes and offices and managing their time so they can grow and thrive in the life they were meant to live.  She specializes in helping people who are chronically disorganized – those for whom disorganization has been a lifelong struggle.  

Web Site: 
Phone: 630-724-1111


Calahan Solutions, Inc

Gibson City

Ellen Hankes, CPO-CD, of Calahan Solutions, Inc. helps individuals become productive and organized in business, home and life. Specializing in chronic disorganization, she also provides insightful, customized group presentations. 

Web Site: 
Phone: 217-784-4443


Clutter Free With Valerie

Hoffman Estates

Valerie Kommu of Clutter Free With Valerie help people find freedom through organization.  Whether home or office, overflowing closets, a garage that is used for everything but storing the car, a basement jammed with mysterious boxes, kitchen cabinets that spill over when opened, or bedrooms of which you cannot even find the floor...there is no job too big. 

Web Site: www.clutterfreewithvalerie.com
E-Mail: clutterfreewithvalerie@gmail.com
Phone: 630-747-3318


Organizing Werks


Tina Farbelow of Organizing Werks is devoted to providing organizing, downsizing and concierge services to those in need with an understanding of how overwhelming the tasks may seem.

Web Site: 
Phone: 630-373-8454


Chaos Tamers, LLC


Cathy Bock of Chaos Tamers helps you de-clutter physically, mentally and emotionally – in a way that’s simple and even fun! Becoming well-organized is proven to reduce stress, make you more productive, save time and money, and it becomes more enjoyable to be in your living space and with the people around you.

Web Site:  www.chaostamers.com 
E-Mail:  Cathy@ChaosTamers.com 
Phone: 847-767-6139



St. Charles

Fran Piekarski of Remedease believes that organization is the key to a more satisfying and fulfilling life.  She uses a therapeutic processes that incorporates your daily habits and hang-ups with simple, easy, customized systems.

Web Site: www.remedease.com
E-Mail: frances@remedease.com
Phone: 630-940-0440



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